Every customers have a chance to get a discount coupon with every purchase of products in


The need to know the customers to use coupons are as follows :


• The coupons you get in the package is a coupon code which is not yet active, to active a coupon code please contact me at This page

• The amount of the discount coupons is a discount coupon 10k , 20k , 50k to 100k and the coupon rate is taken based on the results of random website

• This coupon has a period of time and should be used as soon as possible before the coupon charred and can not be used

• Coupons are activated will confirm back to you for your use.





please click "ADD TO CART" for the products that you buy, Then click the icon


Put your coupon code and click


Coupons and minimum purchase :

• Coupons 10k ~ No minimal purchase

• Coupons 20k ~ Minimal purchase 70k

• Coupons 50k ~ Minimal purchase 150k

• Coupons 100k ~ Minimal purchase 250k